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Boat Charter

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Boat Charter

We deliver adventure tours a long the coast of Lofoten in. We’ll bring you to the Reinefjord. Along the Moskenes island to the famous Moskenesstraumen, one of the strongest tidal current in open sea. Sailing you safely aboard in one of our former fishing vessels.

Experience the Reine fjord and its side arms Kjerkefjord and Forsfjord, surrounded by mountains like the famous Reinebringen, Olstind and Helvetestind. Learn about the history of abandoned fishing villages and how the traditional life was in the days when they rowed and sailed for fishing in open wooden boats. 

We can deliver tailor made tours and events. Maybe you’re an enthustiastic photographer, or just want to experience nature and wildlife at a slow pace. Maybe there is this special mountaintop you can only reach by boat? Get in contact and we’ll help you reach your destination.



  •   NOK 4500
  •   minimum
  •   1
  •   30 minutes before departure